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We've had the usual winter storms but also plenty of bright sunny days to get out round the coast for a bit of family beach combing whilst jumping out the way of incoming waves (only one monumental soaking so far). We were even treated to some extra coastline excitement on the islands in January in the form of some visiting humpback and fin whales... it became a daily mission to spot them, and they didn't disappoint when we did! 



Quite a few new jewellery pieces to join the website over the coming weeks as Spring approaches. Alongside keeping busy with bespoke work I've also been focussing on a new collection.

The Island Collection is quite an eclectic mix of designs all tied together by their collective nod to island life; chain links inspired by our heavy mooring chains down the harbour have made a comeback, palm trees that are iconic to our Island landscape, coins from the rich archaeological heritage of Nornour, and the newest addition, Island Letters, each one carefully hand carved freehand in a traditional font inspired by the old Victorian printed pottery marmalade jars found on Town beach. I've always loved and collected anything with old fonts and typography - engraved silver cutlery, old signs, printed beach finds etc and this collection seemed to be the perfect excuse to create my own.

Anyway, roll on Spring! 

Sophie x

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