About Sophie

About Sophie

I first became interested in jewellery making after receiving a simple silver bangle from my mother as a teenager. I adored it, and still wear it today. I loved the idea that something so simple could mean so much, the memories it keeps and the sentiment it could convey... I’ve been making jewellery ever since.

An appreciation of the island treasures found on Scilly has been with me since childhood. My grandparents settled on Scilly in the 1950s. They played a key role in the archaeological excavation of Nornour and in establishing our Island Museum to exhibit the precious finds, so it seemed only natural to reflect this influence through my own work. 

Growing up in a family of artists inevitably shaped my focus on design and creativity. Each of them inspiring my attention to detail, patience in creation and a confidence to express artistic ideas. After graduating with a degree in Art History, Anthropology and Archaeology followed by an advanced silversmithing course in Ireland alongside friend and fellow island jeweller Fay Page in 2002, I was equipped with the skills and knowledge to explore my own jewellery design and ultimately develop a career. Since then Sophie Hooper Jewellery has grown to become an established business in Scilly and after twenty years of creating jewellery from my home workshop, in 2023, we opened our new open studio and showroom on St. Mary’s.

Whether it is finding new inspirations and bringing ideas to life or the excitement of designing my own collections, jewellery is my passion and I feel very fortunate to create it everyday.

Sophie x